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SPA programs for children and family!

Specially designed SPA programs for children and family will allow you to relax and enjoy spa massages for everyone.

We offer:
SPA programs for children (SPA parties) (from 6 years of age)

A special program for children’s parties, birthdays, weddings or other holidays.
FLORIENA SPA will ensure that children enjoy the true SPA world.
Choose: Chocolate SPA, red bilberry SPA or strawberry SPA, price – from 23 EUR (1st p.)
In addition, you can order: ice cream cocktails, fruit drinks, fruit plate

SPA program for the family

Chocolate SPA, red bilberry SPA, Grapefruit SPA or Strawberry SPA, Foam jacuzzi Bath, Fruit plate and Drinks.

Family price:

(2 children 2 adults) – 110 euro
(2 children 1 adult) – 85 euro
(1 child 2 adults) – 69 euro
(1 child 1 adult) – 45 euro
p.s. Prices may vary depending on the chosen spa program and the age of the child.
Fruit platter and drinks pay separately.
Advise the interior administrators on the SPA program!

Let’s face the joy of the children and the well-being of the parents!

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