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Facial procedures

Our salon focuses on facial massage in any facial treatment.
Our beauty comes primarily from beautiful, well-groomed skin. Many foreign specialists have recognized the importance of facial massage.
Facial massage is an integral and important part for any procedure. It’s just as important for the body as the body’s activity. It consists of a multitude of different techniques, it contributes to the elimination of toxins and improves muscle strength.

Regular massage keeps your skin healthy, beautiful and youthful. It improves blood circulation and eliminates obesity. Aging processes are delayed, wrinkles are flattened and skin restored. Thanks to the massage, the nutritional capacity of the skin improves and oxygen supply to the tissues increases, resulting in a healthy shine of the skin. The facial muscle system is exercised, it has a tonus and lifting effect.
Correctly performed facial massage acts as a facial “sauna.” The massage process increases the skin temperature, which helps to open and clean the pores. Consequently, the massage also serves as an assistant to keep the facial skin clean and healthy.

Facial massage is suitable for any age and skin type.
Choosing a facial treatment course consisting of 6 times – the first procedure with a 15% discount and 6 procedures with a 50% discount.
Choosing a facial treatment course consisting of 10 times – the first procedure with a 15% discount and 10 treatment free of charge.
The best gift – great relaxation – beautiful memories!

Moisturizing and restorative procedure for dry and sensitive skin (80 min)

Price – 30 euro

Intensive ANTI-AGE procedure (for face, neck and décolleté area) (80 min)

Price 35 euro

Rejuvenating lifting face procedure (face, neck, decollete area) (80 min)

Price 35 euro

Face and Decollete Zone Moisturizing Procedure (80 min)

Price 40 euro

Modeling face procedure (80 min)

Price 38 euro

Deep cleansing face procedure (80 min)

Price 30 euro

Gold face procedure (90 min)

Price 38 euro

Aromatic face, neck and decollete area massage (40 min)

Price 20 euro

Face Repair and Treatment (Normal, Combination and Oily Skin)

Cena 30 euro

Cena ar klienta karti – 30 eur

Cocoa SPA facial and decollete (60 min)

Standard price – 39 eur

Price with client card – 30 eur

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